How to Self-Improve Spiritually by Altering Your Internal Logic

We all possess an internal logic, the culmination of a life time of accumulated data which is then co-ordinated to produce logical opinions about our external environment. But if we are not happy about the results of our internal logic, is it possible to alter it? The answer is yes.

Sometimes our internal logic takes us to places we either have no wish to go to, or which are unfailingly bad for us. All addictions, obsessions, poor self-assessments and negative outlooks are the results of faulty logic. This can be caused by either a failure on our own part to see the truth about situations, or the result of poor and damaging relationships with others. Or sometimes it can be put down to an over-reliance on flawed information. One of the reasons why almost everyone seeks some sort of spiritual comfort in their life is to escape the trauma caused by being bombarded on a daily basis, at work and at home, by inaccurate and demeaning feedback. In simple English, an improved spirituality holds out the promise of a tranquil and true alternative to the helter skelter lies of the world.

The first step to getting out of a flawed position and into a true position is to improve your ability to discern truth from lies. We all have an innate ability to know when something is not right, yet sometimes we place very little store by that. We convince ourselves that “the expert” must be right and that we are wrong. It’s time to start being “the expert” in your own life. Very often an expert is just someone who has spent a little more time than you have analysing a particular situation. If you take the time to analyse, research, your own condition, whatever it may be that is getting you down or hampering your progress, you will soon become an expert on your own life. This does not mean that you should stop listening to other people, but take on board more than one opinion, experiment, then compare results.

Once you are confident that you know what you have to do to change – it may be something as minor as a new hairdo, or as major as a complete career change – then align yourself spiritually with your new goal. As a Christian I would recommend a faith walk with Jesus as your guide. My Ten Steps To Faith might help you get started. But if initially you have problems with inviting Jesus into your life, then begin by simple prayer and meditation to the being you perceive as your true God, and ask for enlightenment. There is only one true God, and if you ask Him in earnest, He will lead you to the truth.

Talk to others who have successfully changed their lives. Spiritual enlightenment will re-orientate your internal logic so you are better equipped to deal with external stimuli, helping you to arrive at the truth about who you are. Your self-esteem will improve as a result and your goal-scoring status will soar. Get yourself on the right track, then God will help you achieve the rest.