Marvelling at a Tree

Not so long ago I read a great book by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now, I know this book has been around for some time and has been sat on my book shelf for years before I decided to pick it up and give it a read. This post is not a review of the book (even though it is an excellent book to read) it’s to share with you what reading it brought back to my own mind, I have read many times about living in the moment, the present, the now and I did used to make a conscious effort to try and keep thoughts to the present and be more aware, however I think I lost my way a little and I didn’t seem to be doing it so much. So I decided OK let’s make more of an effort and be more aware and living in the moment. Now I know it’s not quite that simple to say OK we are doing this, it takes time and practice it’s something you introduce and build up on a daily basis and it does eventually become natural.

Now if you are anything like me, perhaps your first thought is, OK this sounds wonderful and I would love to have the time to stare at a Tree and gaze and marvel at the beauty of the leaves and contemplate this living thing that grows with the seasons and produces fruits to eat, is home to the birds and so on and so on, you get the picture

It’s not quite like that at first (even though it will be), by starting to become aware and living more in the present moment, like now, you do become more efficient and more focused. Start simple like now as you are reading this, just take a quick look around you what do you see, hear, smell or taste hey you may be having tea and cake! It’s about engaging your senses and being aware of the moment, you can still keep your focus on the task you are doing, typing a letter, washing up, cooking etc. Just notice what you are actually doing, what’s around you, most of us run on auto-pilot and don’t even think about what we are doing our minds are usually racing around and our thoughts are engaged in the past or the future and very rarely in this actual moment, bring your thoughts back to here and now.

Give it a try you will feel the benefits straight away, you become more relaxed and are calmer, you lighten up more, your happier and smile more, you notice people and you become more appreciative, you don’t worry as much, your less negative and generally nicer to yourself and others. Hey sounds good, doesn’t it? be patient and practice you are re training your mind patterns, so your inner dialogue might be ‘I was in the future then, come back, and oh drat! I was definitely dwelling on the past then, come back’.

‘If you have one eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow, you’re going to be cockeyed today’. ~ Author Unknown

This is living in the moment in the simplest way, but a good start you will only get positive benefits by making this simple adjustment, and every day you will expand this awareness and one day you will be marvelling at that tree!! so don’t worry about the future and you can’t change the past so live in the present and experience the joy of your life NOW because one thing is an absolute certain that this moment will never be here again!

Have a great day.

Be Your Best Always