Why Spring Is a Time For New Beginnings

Spring is almost here and summer life is right around the corner. It is a time of change in many ways and time to readapt other ways. I call it; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But don’t take me as negative, I’m just the whispering voice of reality, discussing the spring rites of passage that come around every year as we de-layer our lives to summer mode, in more ways than one… so here goes.

The Good:

Great weather is coming, the plants are once again breathing life and the animals are awakening to reclaim their summer land. A time of rebirth, people awaken from their winter rest and reevaluate their lives. An aspiration of thought, seeking the good, the bad and the ugly realizations of their life. They look into themselves, their present situation and kick around ideas that would improve their life.

After all, it is spring and nothing is more beautiful, although some will debate that fall is prettier. To each their own, but I am a fan of less clothes rather than bundling up with restricting layers of garb! After seeing the good of spring, now comes, well…

The Bad:

Face it, most of us gained a little extra padding to get through the cold wintry days or the extra pounds left over from the holidays. But no more hiding it under layers of clothes. Well, you could be the weirdo with the trench coat on the beach. For the rest of us, it’s time to find an effective way to lose the pounds and flatten the stomach.

To get the fat burning off we need to find a plan that you can follow. For the dedicated its gym time. If you are like me and hate the confines of a gym, it is time to find a home workout plan and set a schedule. Invest in a workout guide to mix a proper diet with targeted exercises, or maybe you prefer a video series that will get the calories burning.

It’s not difficult to get rid of those pounds, just takes desire and discipline to get started. And yes the six pack abs can be recovered as well as the losing the belly “muffin” fat. Invest in yourself and find a program that will get the fat burning processes going.A plan is worthy investment for your future and your health. It may help or reverse the sad truth spring brings to many people this time of year…

The Ugly:

For some the changing season brings relationship doubts. The human desire to see what else is out there leads to out of the blue, spring time break-ups.

Maybe it is the end of the school year leaving couples contemplating the perceived challenges of being geographically separated for the summer. Or it’s the graduation break up where the guy or girl starts having doubts that the relationship can survive the transition to the “real world”.

For others it could be cascading issues from winter’s cabin fever causing one to wonder what else is out there. No doubt, in either case, there is always one partner that is left hurting, not understanding why? Maybe you are right and the break up was a mistake.

For these people this is an issue that will make or break their summer. It is time to seek outside relationship advice that can guide you through a second chance at getting your ex back into love. A third party or a written guide that leads you to answers of the hard questions: Is it possible to get my ex back? If so, what is the right way to approach it? More importantly, what actions should you avoid that would sink the relationship forever? Or should you let it go and move on?

Friends and family can console you, but often they give the worst advice. You need a source that does not have a preexisting opinion, good or bad of the ex. Go seek a proven source that has helped thousands of couples. The human race has persevered and recovered from break-ups that make life seem unbearable. Don’t waste opportunity or time. Work on the solution to get them back or move on!

Yes, there are many challenges spring brings. The good news is that they are easily overcome. Come on people, let’s get with it and make this summer better than the years prior. Take the steps to make it happen!