Why Taking Timely Decisions is Important For Achieving Success

Life is short and hence we should plan our activities with great care by taking timely decisions so as to achieve high productivity in whichever field we may operate.

We, humans, aspire to achieve success in all our endeavors but only a small percentage of people manage to achieve success in spite of our strenuous efforts. If we analyze the reasons for the same it will not be apparent to us immediately since we always work with the assumption that our activities will result in success but when they do not produce such anticipated success we feel frustrated.

Since most of the time we work with our preconceived thoughts and decisions about the success we lose our ability to analyze our actions systematically to arrive at the proper diagnosis of our failure. Instead of trying to find the reason for our failure after finishing with our activities it will be better to plan beforehand to achieve success in our activities. Several experts have suggested many techniques including taking timely decisions to achieve success in our activities.

I will elaborate my approach to the problem with a mathematical logic on it as follows:

If A and B are 2 numbers, then they can be compared in 3 ways only.

They are:

  1. A is less than B, that is A < B (symbolic representation)
  2. A is equal to B, that is A = B (symbolic representation)
  3. A is greater than B, that is A > B (symbolic representation)

Out of these 3 comparisons, only one will be true for any 2 numbers under consideration.

Say if A = 4 and B = 10, then only the first condition above holds true.

In our day-to-day activities, if A represents our efforts and B represents the results of our efforts, the best situation will be when we are in the first condition shown above.

That is A is less than B or symbolically, A < B.

If the results match the efforts made by us then we are in the second condition shown above. That is A is equal to B or symbolically A = B. Even though is it worse than the first condition, at least we can console ourselves that this represents a “No Profit No Loss” condition.

If A is greater than B or symbolically A > B, what should we understand?

This represents the worst condition of the lot. That is, the result of our efforts is less than our expectations or to put it in another way, to get our desired results, we have to put in far more efforts than normal.

Not a desirable position to be in.

If we consider our professional life, the results of our efforts are predominantly in monetary terms most of the times, but at some other times, the results may be in other terms also – such as the respect we expect to receive from others; our co-workers, customers, suppliers and our other such professional contacts. We may classify these as emotional results.

Most of the time, we may feel that we are perpetually in the third condition, namely A > B, that is, we are putting in far greater efforts to get the monetary benefits and/or emotional results we are expecting.

For example, an experienced salesman putting in great efforts and achieving satisfactory results for the company he works for by procuring repeat orders with full payments from his customers may feel that in spite of his great achievements his boss prefers his less successful colleagues in terms of increments in salaries, bonuses and promotions.

This may or may not be the actual fact in the records of the company, but he may feel this way.

Hence, in reality, we are in one of the above 3 situations at one time or the other.

In other words, we are not in the same condition always.

Sometimes, our plans work out as per our expectations (A = B),

while at some other times they work out better (A < B) than expected.

Successful people will be in the first condition (A < B) most of the times.


Everyone possesses a certain set of skills and a certain set of assets all the time. The only problem is that they keep varying from time to time.

While successful people use their assets skillfully so that their efforts (A) to results (B) equation shows A is less than B most of the times. All of us should try to hone our skills in such a way we achieve this same condition of results to our efforts like successful people.